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What do enterprises prepare to implement ISO 9001?

In order to answer the question “What do enterprises prepare to implement ISO 9001?”. Vincert gives targets and fundamental requirements of ISO 9001 as below:

Bên bạn muốn tư vấn ISO đúng không bạn ?

  1. No need of upgrading factories, equipment and reconstructing the organization These depend on the capability of factories, labor force, and equipment of enterprise to meet the demand of Customer.
  2. Below is the core activities of Quality Management System which must be taken at the enterprise:
  • Identify needs and desires of Customer
  • Identify value creating processes to provide sufficient customer with  product’s value
  • Offer Quality Policy and Quality Target to satisfy Customers. 
  • Determine responsibility and jurisdiction of each department and individual in the enterprise related to Customer satisfaction
  • Create a working procedure in order to ensure the coherence of value creating processes in the enterprise
  • Train and instruct the working procedure for all officers.
  • Conduct internal evaluation to check working procedure
  • Implement preventive measures whenever identify non-conformance.

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