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What is GRS? Why should you take notice of GRS Certification?

Resource exhaustion use and environmental pollution are now huge challenges of human beings. The use of eco-friendly products has recently begun as a trend in developing countries. They are trying to make wise decisions to help consumers to choose healthy food, household cleaners and clothes.  Because their awareness of environment's influences, they gain knowledge about brands and desire to discover food. If a firm said their products are safe, how to demonstrate this?

sản phẩm tái chế Any product of each organization was labelled as organic products at the beginning of organic food trend.  It's not really like that, though.  For example, in the US, until 2002, USDA has fully run programs of organic certification so producers who have certificates are recoganized to be organic units.

GRS - Global Recycle Standard:

GRS is applied to products made from recycled materials.  GRS established in 2008 is an overall standard with a view to vertifying whether a product was made from recycled materials or not.

GRS is managed by Textile Exchange, a global non-protfit organization is only for change in supply chain and production and helps to reduce textile industry's effects on water, soil, worldwide atmosphere.
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GRS is quite similar to organic certificates because management is necessary to supervise the integrity in the whole supply chain and production process.  GRS ensures when companies claim their products are of good quality, which means that their claim is not false. GRS goes beyond the traceability of origin and labelling yet.  It also needs to verify safety and fair working conditions along with environmental practice ag chemicals ussed in production.

GRS desires to provide brands and designers with a tool to have proper labels.  GRS encourages producers in innovation and promotes to use recycled materials, helps to establish plainness in supply chain and prevent harms in production and provide better information for consumers.

Any product which is produced by at least 20% of recycled materials can use this standard.  As long as each stage of production was certified, from recycling stage to the final seller in enterprises until business transaction

GRS is an effective tool for designers to ensure that their processes are accurate and meet general requirements. It is useful enough to gain recognition for efforts and prove that it has been regulated and approved, meeting standards set by GRS.

"Recycle" is a wide terminology because it embraces quite lots of things.  Therefore, it's quite difficult to control and make sure that which level of recycled components an item contains. GRS is an international product standard for companies in charge producing and selling products made from recycled materials. GRS is a standard which vertifies the amount of recycled materials in a product. We can apply to a series of supply chain and solve the traceability, environmental rules, social requirements and labelling.

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