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Conformance of Solar Water Heater Equipment

The Conformance certification of solar water heater equipment is mentioned in TCVN 8251:2009 of the Ministry of Science and Technology. The conformance certification of this product is optional, but it is to confirm customers in the quality of the product. Many enterprises have chosen this type of certification.  

Classification of solar water heater equipment products

Solar water heater equipment is classified according to the principle of heat transfer:

  • Direct heat transfer to water
  • Indirect heat transfer through an intermediate heat carrier such as oil, etc.

Process of assessment and certification that enterprises need to know:

  1. Quality assurance system:

Enterprises must draft, build up documents, implement, maintain and regularly improve the effectiveness of conditions that assure the quality as required to:

  Identify necessary processes to create products

  Specify essential requirements and methods to make sure that the implementation of the requirements and the control of the processes are effective.

  Measure and monitor these processes

  Carry out actions needed to meet the defined requirements and improve these processes

In case of an enterprise having a qualiy management system certificate, which conforms to the national stadards TCVN ISO 9001 is still valid, at the first time of implementing assessment and certification, the enterprise shall not assess conditions assuring the quality. However, the enterprise is still subject to the consideration of maintaining measurement conditions, testing, controlling the process of production and the quality plans related to products applying for certification. 

  1. Sampling, Testing and Assessing testing results of typical samples

Experts and enterprises send representatives to assess, test, and consider products on the spot. Some targets are appearance, label, water leakage, equipment records, manual and installation guide.

After checking the site, the certification organization shall seal samples and the enterprise will take the samples to the designated laboratory for testing as follows:

  1. Assessment and Conformance Certification of Solar Water Heater Equipment Products

Different types of solar water heater equipment products shall be certified when the quality assurance system meets the requirements and typical samples of the product class conform to technical requirements in TCVN 8251:2009.

The certificate is valid for 3 years and samples of the products will be tested every year.


  • A realiable certification organization with representative offices and branches throughout the provinces helps to assess quickly and save maximum costs for units.
  • A team of experienced specialists and expert consultants have deep understanding of law documents to support the units to solve their problems in the best ways;
  • KNA Cert is designated to certify conformance of solar water heater equipment.

Contact KNA CERT for the greatest support for conformance pre-audit and certification!

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