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(Group 5 –  People doing medical work)

According to Circular No. 27/2013/TT issued on October 18th, 2013 – Ministry of Labour, War invalids and Social Affairs regulating occupational safety and hygiene pre-audit

Pursuant to Occupational Safety and Hygiene Law; Decree No. 44/2016/NĐ – CP issued on May 15th, 2016 of the Government detailing some articles of the Occupational Safety and Hygiene Law.

Based on the needs to ensure occupational safety and hygiene for employees of all enterprises and units across the country.

KNA Certification Company Limited announes the opening of the Occupational Safety and Hygiene Pre-audit class for Group 5 as follows:

I. Subjects:

Group 5: Laborers doing medical work

II. Pre-audit content:

Objective: To provide knowledge about occupational safety, occupational safety management models and practical management issues.

  1. 1. Law systems and policies on occupational safety and hygiene
  • An overview of the system of legal normative acts about occupational safety.
  • The system of technical standards for occupational safety and hygiene.
  • Some specific regulations of the management agency on occupational safety and hygiene when renovating works, facilities for production, use and preservation, storage and testing of machines and substances that are strictly required to conform with occupational safety and hygiene.
  1. Professional competence in Occupational Safety and Hygiene
  • Organizing state management apparatus and implementing regulations on occupational safety at establishments as well as assigning responsibilities and delegating authority on occupational safety.
  • Basic knowledge about harmful and dangerous factors and preventive measures.
  • Methods to improve working conditions.
  • Safety culture in production and business.
  1. Pre-audit content
  • Harmful factors at the workplace; Monitoring the working environment to assess the harmful factors; Setting up a file related to occupational hygiene at the workplace.
  • Common occupational diseases and preventive measures; examining occupational diseases, job placement and preparing records to determine the occupational diseases.
  • First aid skills; epidemic disease prevention in the workplace.
  • Food safety; process of taking and storing food samples; offering employees encouragement in kind and improvement in meals; improving workplace health, preventing non-communicable diseases in the workplace.
  • Knowledge, skills, methods of planning, plans, equipment and necessary conditions for the implementation of occupational hygiene.
  • Methods of communication to educate on occupational hygiene and occupational disease prevention.
  • Collect and manage information about occupational hygiene and occupational diseases in the workplace; Setting up and managing employee health files and health files of employees suffering from occupational diseases.
  • Work with the occupational safety and hygiene staff or the department of occupational safety and hygiene to carry out related tasks.
  1. Periodic pre-audit:
  • After completing the course, trainees will be granted certificates of occupational safety and hygiene by KNA CERT (a certificate is valid for 2 years).
  • Trainees shall be trained once 2 years under Clause 3, Article 73 of the Occupational Safety Law.

III. Pre-audit time

  • The pre-audit time is at least 56 hours, including inspection time.
  • Periodic pre-audit: once a year.

IV. Certificate – Certification

After attending the pre-audit course and being tested, if trainees are qualified enough, they will be granted pre-audit certificates (valid for 2 years).

  1. Place of pre-audit:
  1. At KNA Certification Company Limited ………..
  1. At units, enterprises and provinces nationwide.
  2. Course opening schedule:

Our company often open a new pre-audit course on weekdays or upon request if organizations gather in units.

VII. Tuition fees: According to trainees, classes, number of trainees and contract.

VIII. Trainers: Senior experts with many years of experience from the Ministry of Labour, War invalids and Social Affairs.

  1. Documents for enrolling in occupational safety courses:
  • Copy of ID card (notarization is not required)
  • Two 3x4 colour pictures.

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