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Kosher extends certification to non-foods

Not only can food achieve Kosher certification but Kosher certification has also been considerably expanded to non-foods. This brings out more opportunities for exporting goods into big markets which now possess the large number of the Jew.  

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In recent years, plenty of agencies of Kashrus significantly extended Kosher food certification to non-foods such as devices, shavers, kitchen appliances even cosmetics.  Many kinds of medicine and nutritional supplements were issued Kosher certificates in terms of dental hygiene. Some clergymen told Kosher Today Kashrus's observers today are very cautious about any food even non-foods. It appears that there is growing concern about medicine which was issued Kosher certificate although Rabbinic allows the Jew to take this medicine even if there is no Kosher certificate for this medicine.

If you are researching on KOSHER, the set of following documents are necessary for you application to your enterprises: KNA sends to you: Here.

Reasons for trends towards Kosher certification for Non-Food:

According to FDA's regulations (U.S Food and Drug Administration), additives must be chemicals allowed to use in food industry.

"The food processing industry requires quite a lot of stearate and other chemicals from animals' fat in production of materials that interact directly with food such as plastic wrap, etc. Chemicals can be added to plastic by different formulas at concentrations up to two percent in order that when using these chemicals, they will move on to the surface then interact with foods.  Due to this movement and interaction, FDA requires all additives to be allowed in food industry.

In addition, according to a report by Rabbi Zushe Yosef Blech (Senior Kashmir Administrator), products that come into direct contact with food, such as kitchen silver foil and parchment paper which may contain substances releasing animals' fat or food additives or lubricant when being used in kitchen.  Therefore, Kosher's supervision is vital for theses products

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America is a market with the large number of people of eating by Kosher Act. To meet this demand, the tendency to Kosher certification for non-foods is unavoidable.  

Since Jewish law has quite numerous eating law, the emphasis on their kitchen plays a key role.  To keep ''kosher'', their entire kitchen from cooking space to dining table and storage must become ''kosher''. This is also applied to cooking utensils such as pots, pans and even surfaces you use to prepare and serve meals with meat and milk should be separated.  Most of households have their own counters to prepare meat and milk food and separate cabinets to store meat and milk dishes and kitchen utensils. 

Accordig to Official Union's statistics, more 12 million of American consumers choose Kosher foods because of some specific reasons concerning health, food safety, flavour, vegetarianrism, sugar-free and milk-free diet and other restrictions in eating habits.  Non-foods products issued Kosher certificate have appeared with a view to providing products for the large number of Kosher customers.

12 items can be issued Kosher certificates.

The following items help Kosher certificate to reach a higher position.  Some markets provide Kosher homewares through online purchase in the world. Comestics and personal items are absolutely Kosher. Non-foods products listed below do not belong to Kosher technique like some kinds of foods certified; however, they give more assurance to people desiring to keep Kosher law.  Which homewares are suitable for daily use according to the Jewish law?  Although there is no need to using non-Kosher foods in Passover, this depends on how severe you keep those traditions. 

  1. Metal sponges.
  2. Oven cleaner.
  3. Oven mitts.
  4. Body wash.
  5. Dish detegent.
  6. Lamps.
  7. Kosher Clock.
  8. Mascara.
  9. Makeup brushes.
  10. Toothbrushes.
  11. Hair removal cream.
  12. Shaving foam.

Kosher certificates will help products to gain trust in international customers, which expands new markets requiring Kosher so enterprises can reap ample profits and increase their revenue.  


Kosher certificate of Plastic Intercon Vietnam Co., Ltd.

KNA CERT provides information for you to support your Kosher certificate management. KNA Cert is expected to be an agency which provides Kosher certification service by Vaad Hoeir Of St.Louis agency - An official agency of Kosher standard.  Therefore, KNA is now the most prestigious kosher certification unit. 

Process and procedure of Kosher certification.

  • Customers will contact with KNA to receive a registration form. After finishing your form, you send it back to KNA.
  • KNA will send assessment fee to customers and invite potential ones to come on specific day where the clergy undertakes assessment (no assessment but fee for the cleargy's travelling) The clergy will assess and determine whether customers' products are certified or not.  
  • Customers who agree to obtain certificates must pay fee (no assessment fee of factory again).

Plants will be allowed to attach logo of Kosher on all their products.

Contact information: KNA Certification Co., Ltd.

  • Address: 11th floor, Ladeco Building, 266 Doi Can Street, Ba Dinh District, Ha Noi.
  • Branch: 2nd floor, Thuy Loi 4 Building, 102 Nguyen Xi Street, Ward 26, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Tell: 093.2211.786 - 02438.268.222.
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