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5 key factors for ISO 14001 system success.

ISO 14001 Quality Management System is a set of standard concerning environmental protection. This standard’s requirements regulate management of factors that affect the environment in enterprise or organization operation. There is the need of some key factors to allow ISO 14001 to run more effectively.

1. Employee’s involvement

Firstly, full involvement of leadership and employees creates an effective EMS system. The awareness of system’s existence makes system operation save time and smoothier.

2. Legislative compliance

Legislative compliance, one of main targets of ISO 14001 EMS, requires organizations to comply with them. The use of EMS is considered as an effective control tool legal requirements and other requirements. An organization can make a better plan for costs concerning license, report, supervision of legal requirements through EMS use as a tool to ensure legislative compliance.

3.  Higher efficiency

In addition to the control of environmental factors after system operation, organizations need to focus on improving effectiveness of their processes. Pollution control and prevention are unavoidable, however, it is necessary to go far beyond these problems and focus on process upgrade to achieve an effective management system. For example, the higher the effectiveness of management system is, the less legal responsibility is. Great efficiency is usually relevant to equipment innovation and improvement of production processes which will reduce the input of energy, water and other resources to minimize unnecessary waste. 

4. The correct use of performance indicators

Different organizations have some various impacts on the environment. Determining performance indicators will enable organizations to supervise EMS performance and grasping improvement opportunities.

5. Improvement in relationships with customers.

Organizations need to establish relationships through community management agencies’ trust and respect. Good relationships with internal and external customers will contribute to ISO 14001’s triumphant.

ISO 14001 construction and operation will be more successful thanks to five aforementioned factors. If your enterprise is applying ISO 14001 quality management system, remember to take notice of applying these five factors to help enterprises achieve sustainable development.

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